Tblisi:Urban transformation and role transformations in the post-Sovjet metropolis

Kristof Van Assche and Joseph Salukvadze

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia. This bookchapter describes that and how the urban problems that have emerged since indepence could be addressed by means of urban planning and urban design strategies. The authors show that the new role of developers has acquired a very specific character is Tblisi. Developers are, more than in other transitional countries, influenced by the values and appreciations of the architecture profession, and the special attention of the president. In addition, the relatively small size of the developers’ community makes reputation and long-term vision important. Thus, a reinvention of planning is in the making, perphaps paradoxically, because it comes from the guild of developers rather than from the national government, operating on a mix of neo-liberal policies, pride of place, and suspicion of local government.

In Remaking Metropolis: Global Challenges of the Urban Landscape


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