The silk road, renowned for its trading routes and networks of people from different cultures, is an excellent example of how cooperation can enhance the exchange of knowledge and trigger innovation. Silkroad Research wants to build upon this philosophy and stimulate international cooperation between researchers to increase our knowledge and understanding of transition and innovation in governance. Particular attention is paid to the countries once connected via the silk road.

We study issues like natural resource management, planning and design, culture and politics. By studying these issues in different countries, knowledge can be build and exchanged. The aim of the foundation is to stimulate cross-border cooperation and innovation in research. We  aim to develop contemporary trading routes through which ideas, concepts and knowledge can be exchanged.

Many scientific articles and several books have been published based upon projects funded by Silkroad Research. Next to projects undertaken in the Netherlands and the USA, home base of the researchers, we have conducted research projects in Romania (Danube Delta), Georgia, Ukraine,Uzbekistan and Russia.

This site present an overview of the different projects and their results in the form of scientific articles and books. This work would have been impossible without close cooperation within a always growing network of researchers from different countries. We are always open to new ideas, projects and cooperations.


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