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Local Cosmopolitanism. Imagining and (Re-)Making Privileged Places

This book offers a unique perspective on cosmopolitanism, examining  the ways it is constructed and reconstructed on the small scale in an ongoing process of matching the local with the global, a process entailing mutual transformation. Based on a wide range … Continue reading

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Understanding social ecological change through palm use and management

Wednesday 11th of

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Rural development, knowledge and expertise in governance

The topic of rural development has received attention from a wide range of disciplines and professions. Many books and articles have been written, presenting success stories, critical reflections, and very detailed guidelines on how to realize development. In a new … Continue reading

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Evolutionary Governance Theory: Theory and Applications

This new book in the series on Evolutionary Governance Theory (EGT) presents empirical studies and theoretical reflections on the most important concepts and their interrelations. Through this book we learn how communities understand themselves and their environment. Authors from different … Continue reading

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Evolutionary Governance Theory

The book Evolutionary Governance Theory: an Introduction is out. This book offers the reader a remarkable new perspective on the way markets, laws and societies evolve together. It can be of use to anyone interested in development, market and public sector … Continue reading

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The good, the bad and the self-referential: heritage planning and the productivity of difference

Heritage planning, as an integrated approach to dealing with traces of the past in the ongoing organisation of the landscape, must be a trans-disciplinary endeavour. Bridging differences between scientific disciplines, as well as sciences and the law, administration, politics and … Continue reading

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Formal/Informal Dialectics and the Self-Transformation of Spatial Planning Systems: An Exploration

Kristof Van Assche, Raoul Beunen & Martijn Duineveld In this article, we present a perspective on the interaction between formal and informal institutions in spatial planning in which they transform each other continuously, in processes that can be described and … Continue reading

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