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Understanding contracts in evolving agro-economies: Fermers, dekhqans and networks in Khorezm, Uzbekistan

Utkur Djanibekov, Kristof Van Assche, Daan Boezeman, Nodir Djanibekov We combine institutional economic perspectives and actor-network theory to elucidate the role of contracts in the evolution of transitional agricultural systems. Such combination of theories can shed a light on the … Continue reading

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Knowledge in rural transitions. Formal and informal underpinnings of land governance in Khorezm

Kristof van Assche & Anna-Katharina Hornidge We analyze the shifting selections and roles of knowledge in rapidly evolving rural governance, exemplified by the complex transition of land governance in Khorezm, a province of Uzbekistan. Through a study of the evolution … Continue reading

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Trading capitals? Bourdieu, land and water in rural Uzbekistan

Michael Eichholz, Kristof Van Assche, Lisa Oberkircher & Anna-Katharina Hornidge In this paper, we use Pierre Bourdieu’s concepts of capitals and fields in the context of a transitional rural economy. We investigate ways to adopt these concepts for the study of land governance, in … Continue reading

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Farm Restructuring and Land Consolidation in Uzbekistan: New Farms with Old Barriers

Nodir Djanibekov, Kristof van Assche, Ihtiyor Bobojonov and John P.A. Lamers In this article we investigate the potential for and limitations of land consolidation as a tool for rural development in transitional environments, focusing on the Khorezm region in Uzbekistan, … Continue reading

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Spatial planning as policy integration: The need for an evolutionary perspective. Lessons from Uzbekistan

Kristof Van Assche and Nodir Djanibekovb, We start out from the premise of a continued need for policy integration to address both economic and environmental issues in society, arguing that spatial planning is a privileged site to locate such endeavor. … Continue reading

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Kristof Van Assche in Uzbekistan


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