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How to improve the adaptive capacity of Dutch Planning

10 proposals for change that, once implemented, will make the planning system less rigid and more adaptive. > New book. Free download @ InPlanning. > More information about Evolutionary Governance  @ governancetheory.com. Spatial planning is facing a paradox. The last … Continue reading

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Evolutionary Governance Theory: Theory and Applications

This new book in the series on Evolutionary Governance Theory (EGT) presents empirical studies and theoretical reflections on the most important concepts and their interrelations. Through this book we learn how communities understand themselves and their environment. Authors from different … Continue reading

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Trust related dynamics in contested land use

Using insights about in-group and intergroup dynamics from social identity theory and sociology, we studied trust dynamics in intergroup relations in the Baviaanskloof (South Africa) over time. We conclude that in-group interpretations of intergroup interactions contribute to the lack of … Continue reading

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The evolution of socio-ecological systems

This article investigates natural resource governance in three indigenous communities in the Colombian Amazon. We base our analysis on an evolutionary governance model in which governance dimensions emerge as relevant through time. The less accessible of the communities represents earlier steps … Continue reading

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Formal/Informal Dialectics and the Self-Transformation of Spatial Planning Systems: An Exploration

Kristof Van Assche, Raoul Beunen & Martijn Duineveld In this article, we present a perspective on the interaction between formal and informal institutions in spatial planning in which they transform each other continuously, in processes that can be described and … Continue reading

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Tblisi:Urban transformation and role transformations in the post-Sovjet metropolis

Kristof Van Assche and Joseph Salukvadze Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia. This bookchapter describes that and how the urban problems that have emerged since indepence could be addressed by means of urban planning and urban design strategies. The authors … Continue reading

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Traumatic Natures of the Swamp: Concepts of Nature in the Romanian Danube Delta

Kristof van Assche, Sandra Bell & Petruta Teampau This paper focuses on local constructions of ‘nature’ in governance processes, and the importance of historical and institutional contexts for their genesis and functioning. Through extensive field study in the Romanian Danube … Continue reading

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Crossing trails in the marshes: rigidity and flexibility in the governance of the Danube Delta

Kristof van Assche, Raoul Beunen, Joren Jacobs & Petruţa Teampău In this paper, we revisit the utility of the concepts of path dependence and interdependence for the analysis of participatory environmental governance. We investigate the evolution of environmental governance in … Continue reading

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Delineating Locals: Transformations of Knowledge/Power and the Governance of the Danube Delta

Kristof Van Assche, Martijn Duineveld, Raoul Beunen & Petruta Teampau   In this paper, we adopt a Foucauldian perspective on power/knowledge interactions to investigate the evolution and implementation of policy for the Romanian Danube delta. We argue that a better … Continue reading

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Liquid boundaries in marginal marshes. Reconstructions of identity in the Romanian Danube Delta

Kristof van Assche, Petruta Teampau, Patrick DeVlieger & Cristian Suciu Building on recent research in political geography, anthropology and the reinvented field of border studies, we investigate the present (re‐)construction of borders and boundaries in the Romanian Danube Delta, in … Continue reading

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